Scientology Its Cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics & Methodologies

  Its Cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics & Methodologies

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b. Religious Training

The other core religious practice in Scientology is called training, which is the intensive study of Scientology Scripture both for spiritual enlightenment and for training as Scientology clergy.

Scientologists consider that they must use their quality of spiritual awareness in all conditions of life. They find this path through their study of Scientology Scripture. This is similar to study for enlightenment found in other religions such as the study of the Talmud in Judaism, study of the teachings of Buddha and study of esoteric scripture. Moreover, according to them, auditing and training go together. One must raise at the same time one’s abilities, one’s responsibilities and one’s knowledge. One discovers that one can act with the power of the incarnated thetan and that one can communicate with other spiritual beings. For instance, in training, Scientologists also learn how to “audit” to discover the process of spiritualization in others and to exercise their responsibilities of believers.

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Régis Dericquebourg Professor, Sociology of Religion, University of Lille III, Lile, France
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