Scientology Its Cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics & Methodologies

  Its Cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics & Methodologies

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iii.i. Pragmatic Legitimacy

The Scientologists questioned thought that their beliefs were valid because they brought tangible improvements in their lives, sometimes changing their situation completely. They claim that their health has improved, that their family life is more harmonious. They continued in the movement because they saw definite results right from the start. For the members, Scientology is a useful religion.

iii.ii. Probability in Belief

Personal verification of the validity of Scientology principles leaves an “unverified” realm. Many Scientologists admit that they have not personally verified all of L. Ron Hubbard’s doctrine for themselves and that there remain some zones of hypothetical belief.

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Régis Dericquebourg Professor, Sociology of Religion, University of Lille III, Lile, France
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