Scientology Its Cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics & Methodologies

  Its Cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics & Methodologies

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(8) Scientology includes utopian elements: L. Ron Hubbard has conceived a utopian project of “Clearing the planet,” which envisions a society free of insanity, criminals and war where the able can prosper, honest beings have rights and man is free to rise to greater heights. Ethics, spontaneously applied (open Bergsonian morals), will eliminate all the wrongnesses of existence and through theta being recovered, will be increased. The world should improve as the number of Scientologists grows.

(9) Scientology is born in a modern context. It gets from it certain elements (technicity, well-asserted methodical approach, importance of communication, well-being, understanding of organization, personal experience) which it has mixed with ancient spiritualistic traditions.

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Régis Dericquebourg Professor, Sociology of Religion, University of Lille III, Lile, France
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